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По военной базе США в Сирии нанесли ракетные удары

Executive Order on non-working days in October and November 2021

Meeting with Government members

Указ об установлении нерабочих дней в октябре – ноябре 2021 года

Совещание с членами Правительства

Masks and Vaccine Mandates Are Purity Tests for Banishing ‘Unclean’ Citizens

Muammar Gaddafi Interviewed Just Before NATO’s Attack on Libya

It Takes A Lot Of Education To Keep Us This Stupid

COGNITIVE WARFARE: ‘The Battle for Your Brain’

Ten Years Ago Today: The Slaughter of Libya and Assassination of Gaddafi

A.I. Device Will Activate Cameras/Alert Police When "Crime-Related Noises" Detected

New Evidence For Infanticide In The Creation Of The Fetal Cell Line Used For Covid Vaccine Testing

Nothing to See Here Move Along-"Q"s Fired, Walking Around Aimless

Dozens Of Top Nuclear Scientists With “Highest Security Clearances” Being Fired From Los Alamos Lab After Vax Mandate

The Empire of Lies Breaks Down: Ugly Truths the Deep State Wants to Keep Hidden - We Arned You a Million Times Sheeple

The Empire of Lies Breaks Down: Ugly Truths the Deep State Wants to Keep Hidden

Genocide in Palestine: On Sally Rooney’s Decision to Boycott Israel

US "Testing" Biological Attack Weapons on Own Population

DHS Begins Releasing Gas on NYC Citizens at 120 Locations in ‘Biological Attack Simulation’

The "Elites" and Their "Great Reset": Property Theft in Plain View

2 years ago today, Event 201 pandemic simulation was ran by the World Economic Forum...

Federal Gov’t Says Supply Shortages Won’t Stop Until EVERYONE Takes COVID-19 Jab

Millions Of Americans Are Getting Fired For Not Taking A Jab That's Now 3% Effective

Study Published On NIH Website Finds ‘No Discernable Relationship’ Between Vaccine Status And COVID Cases, Says Infection Rate May Be Higher Among Fully Vaccinated

Pope Demands Silicon Valley “In the Name of God” Censor “Hate Speech,” “Conspiracy Theories”

Pedo is as Pedo Does - Pedo Joe With Complete Impunity

Biden Secretly Flying Underage Migrants Into NY in Dead of Night

10-16-18-2021 WEEKEND/MONDAY



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Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2021

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2020

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2019

Greetings on the opening of VTB Kremlin Cup 2021
Владимир Путин принял участие во Всероссийской переписи населения
Подведены итоги второго Всероссийского слёта казачьей молодёжи
Встреча с лидером партии «Новые люди» Алексеем Нечаевым
Заседание Совета глав государств СНГ

Censored World News Under Global Fascism

NATO: Stepping up its game in cyber defence - Ingenta Connect

Exercise DYNAMIC MARINER brings together 12 NATO partners | Trident Newspaper

Security Threat Analyst Accuses Microsoft of Hosting Malware on Office365's OneDrive

PRC CCP Bans American Films

Despite Hollywood Appeasement To China, CCP Bans American Films

Российские приставы принудительно взыщут с Facebook 26 миллионов рублей штрафов

ОБСЕ приостанавливает свою деятельность на Донбассе

Названы причины исламизации Чечни в 1990-е

Syria, UNHCR discuss means to speed up response to requirements of returning displaced

Assad discusses counter-terrorist efforts with Russian presidential envoy - agency

Some Telegram channels to be recognized as extremist groups in Belarus - interior ministry

Syria Accuses Israel of Assassinating High-Ranking Government Official near Golan Border

Iranian Chief of General Staff arrives on visit to Moscow - agency

Abandoning Yemen? UNHRC Action Silences Yemeni Victims of Human Rights Abuses

US to Oppose UN Human Rights Council’s ‘Disproportionate’ Attention on Israel

Starving Afghan Parents Forced To Sell Children To Survive

US occupation reinforces its bases in Hasaka countryside

Iraq Daily Roundup: 17 Killed

‘Fact-checkers’ Rush to Defend Bill Gates Disturbing ‘Vaccine Depopulation’ Statement

Apartheid ZIOUSA News Censored by MOCKINGBIRD

Threat to US democracy comes not from Russian hackers but from popular mistrust - diplomat

What's Next For Washington: $2.5 Trillion In Spending, Higher Taxes And More

Innocent Man Hospitalized for Months, Permanently Disabled After Cops Mistook His Stroke for DUI

Amazon Caught Throwing Away Tons of Unexpired Food as US Faces Unprecedented Food Insecurity

WATCH: Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinian Homes near Nablus

10-14/15-2021 THURSDAY/FRIDAY



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Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2021

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2020

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2019

Meeting with heads of security agencies of CIS countries

Russian Energy Week International Forum plenary session

On October 14, Vladimir Putin will attend opening ceremony of Third Eurasian Women’s Forum

Greetings to participants of 17th Meeting of Heads of Security Agencies and Intelligence Services of CIS Countries

Greetings to participants and guests of the Russian Energy Week International Forum

Интервью телеканалу CNBC

Встреча с главами спецслужб стран СНГ

Пленарное заседание международного форума «Российская энергетическая неделя»

14 октября Владимир Путин примет участие в открытии третьего Евразийского женского форума

Censored World News Under Global Tech Fascism

Что произошло за день: пятница, 15 октября

Archbishop Hanna: Christian Presence in Palestine is Declining Due to Israeli Occupation

ФСБ задержала полицейского начальника с фальшивым уголовным делом

Бывшего сотрудника ФСБ арестовали после ограбления на 11 миллионов рублей

Heroes or Parasites: Europe’s Self-Serving Politics on Refugees

Мосгорсуд утвердил приговор пресс-секретарю Навального Ярмыш

STOP US/NATO Terror/4th REICH/5% GDP Scam

NATO’s Plans To Hack Your Brain

Russia’s top brass uploads video of US warship’s attempt to violate state border

“A Huge Deal”: Amazon, Google Workers Demand Companies Sever Ties With Israeli Military

Globalist Web/Tech/Media Related/Covid $$$ Related

Netflix Launches New Palestinian Film Collection – Check Out Full List

Why Is PayPal Denying Service to Palestinians?

Australia Building ‘Quarantine Facilities’ For People ‘Who Might Not Have Had Access to Vaccination’

Corporate Media Largely Silent as Millions Protest Vaccine Mandates Worldwide

Apartheid ZIOUSA News Censored by MOCKINGBIRD

Nancy "Trade Your Children for a Passport" Pelosi is Insane

Nancy Pelosi: Support for Israel ‘is in Our DNA’

WATCH: Cop Calmly Tells Veteran to Put Gun Down, He Does, Cop Shoots Him Anyway

10-13-2021 WEDNESDAY

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Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2021

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2020

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2019

Meeting with Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan

Mikhail Yevrayev appointed Acting Governor of Yaroslavl Region Meeting with Mikhail Yevrayev

Dmitry Mironov appointed Aide to the President of the Russian Federation

Anatoly Seryshev appointed Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Siberian Federal District Meeting with deputies of the eighth State Duma

On October 13, the President will speak at the plenary session of the Russian Energy Week forum and meet with heads of security and intelligence services of CIS countries

On October 14, Vladimir Putin will take part in the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council

Greetings on opening of the 5th International Conference on Protection of Human Rights in Eurasia: Exchange of Best Practices of Ombudsmen

Address to the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity

Встреча с Премьер-министром Армении Николом Пашиняном

Михаил Евраев назначен врио губернатора Ярославской области

Встреча с Михаилом Евраевым

Дмитрий Миронов назначен помощником Президента Российской Федерации

Анатолий Серышев назначен полномочным представителем Президента в Сибирском федеральном округе

 Встреча с депутатами Государственной Думы восьмого созыва

13 октября Президент выступит на пленарном заседании форума «Российская энергетическая неделя» и проведёт встречу с главами спецслужб стран СНГ

Заседание Комиссии по вопросам кадровой политики в прокуратуре и правоохранительных органах

14 октября Владимир Путин примет участие в заседании Высшего Евразийского экономического совета

Обращение к участникам 15-й сессии Конференции сторон Конвенции ООН о биоразнообразии

Censored World News Under Global Tech Fascism

Karmic Moment: She Ignored Our Pleas for Help, Now Anime Girl -

Путин назначил Поклонскую послом на островах в Западной Африке

STOP US/NATO Terror/4th REICH/5% GDP Scam

Kim Vows To Build "Invincible Military" Due To Persistent US "Hostile Actions"

Globalist Web/Tech/Media/Covid $$$ Related

Texas governor bars all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in state, rips Biden for 'bullying'

Paradigm Shift: Aussie Cop Quits, Refuses to Enforce COVID Tyranny, Says ‘Majority’ of Cops Feel the Same

Apartheid ZIOUSA News Censored by MOCKINGBIRD

‘He’s a Monster!’—Cop Sentenced to 20 Years After Admitting He’s a Serial Child Rapist

Cops were in an unmarked vehicle doing drive-by shootings

Video Shows Why Army Vet Was Acquitted After Shooting at Cops—It Was Self Defense

Woman Missing for 2 Weeks, Found Dead in Police Van, In Dept’s Parking Lot—Family Demanding Video

It’s All Fake: Kamala Harris Used Child Actors Who Had To Audition For Weird NASA Promo

Exclusive: Cops Allow Pedo Books In Schools

Domestic Terrorist? Parent Arrested At School Board Meeting Was Upset Tranny Raped His Daughter In Campus Bathroom

10-12-2021 TUESDAY

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Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2021

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2020

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2019

Telephone conversation with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron Congratulations to Alexander Schallenberg on his inauguration as the Federal Chancellor of Austria

Meeting with leader of A Fair Russia – For the Truth party Sergei Mironov

Meeting with permanent members of the Security Council

Meeting on science and technology support for agriculture development

On October 12, Vladimir Putin will meet with newly elected State Duma deputies

On October 12, Vladimir Putin will have a meeting with Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan

Greetings on the opening of the High-Level Commemorative Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement

Greetings on the opening of international drills for quick response teams handling sanitary and epidemiological emergencies

 Телефонный разговор с Ангелой Меркель и Эммануэлем Макроном

Поздравление Александру Шалленбергу по случаю вступления в должность Федерального канцлера Австрии

Встреча с лидером партии «Справедливая Россия – За правду» Сергеем Мироновым

Совещание с постоянными членами Совета Безопасности

Совещание о научно-техническом обеспечении развития АПК

12 октября Президент встретится с новым составом депутатского корпуса

12 октября Владимир Путин встретится с Премьер-министром Армении Николом Пашиняном

Censored World News Under Global Tech Fascism

"Выражаю глубокие соболезнования родным и близким первого руководителя Управления взаимодействия со средствами массовой информации Следственного комитета Российской Федерации генерал-майора юстиции Владимира Маркина."

9/27/21 International Criminal Court Shutters Investigation Into U.S. Torture

Israeli Police Commissioner Wants to Apply ‘Administrative Detention’ to Palestinian Citizens of Israel

Более 150 СМИ в Афганистане прекратили работу

STOP US/NATO Terror/4th REICH/5% GDP Scam

Georgia: Another Dangerous, Loose-Cannon US Client

She Offered Me a Passport in Exchange for my Children NOW:

Video: Megalomaniac Pelosi Admits She “Thinks A Lot” About “Ruling The World”

Globalist Web/Tech/Media/Covid $$$ Related

4yo And 5yo Given Pfizer Covid Shots Instead of Flu Shots, Both Develop 'Heart Issues'

COVID Purge: UCLA Med Center Doctor Escorted Out By Security For Refusing Shot

Apartheid ZIOUSA News Censored by MOCKINGBIRD

Запланирована встреча Нуланд и Козака в Москве

10-11-2021 MONDAY

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Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2021

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2020

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2019

Greetings to PhosAgro staff

Censored World News Under Global Tech Fascism

HRW: Facebook Censors Discussion of Rights Issues

The European Union and UN Human Rights Office mark the World Against the Death Penalty in Palestine

Israel razes Muslim grave in East Jerusalem cemetery

Racial Justice vs. The Israel Lobby: When Being Pro-Palestine Becomes the New Normal

HRW Criticizes Facebook Censorship of Palestinians, Demands Investigation

STOP US/NATO Terror/4th REICH/5% GDP Scam

Time for Washington To Stop Sanctioning the World: US Arrogance Leaves Trail of Innocent Victims Behind

No Accountability and No Apologies

Globalist Web/Tech/Media/Covid $$$ Related

Warning! Do Not Take The Covid Death Shot

Merck Charging US 40 Times What It Costs To Make Taxpayer-Financed COVID Pill

Seattle Police Department braces for mass firing of officers as hundreds have yet to show proof of vaccination

Apartheid ZIOUSA News Censored by MOCKINGBIRD

Body Cam Shows Cops Drag Paraplegic Dad Out of Car by His Hair, Attack Him Over Window Tint

Days After Cops Raid Home, 3D Gun Legend ‘JStark’ Found Dead of ‘Heart Attack’ at 28

She Wanted to Live in Manhattan, Share Secrets With Demi Moore

Empty Manhattan Storefronts Double Historical Rate — “Even the real estate store is out of business”

The Science Of Propaganda Is Still Being Developed And Advanced

10-09/10-2021 WEEKEND

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Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2021

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2020

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2019

Greetings on opening of 16th All-Russian Science Festival NAUKA 0+
Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin
Greetings to organisers and participants of 11th International Demidov Assembly
Встреча с вице-премьером Маратом Хуснуллиным

Censored World News Under Global Tech Fascism

Palestinians Condemn American Zionist Plans to Desecrate Muslim Cemetery in Jerusalem

Nike Tells Israeli Retailers: No More Business in 2022

Report: Jewish Settlers Tried to Attack Injured Palestinian Toddler in Ambulance

В РПЦ сочли фильм «Искушение» надругательством над христианством

Super Power Russia Can Not Be Super Power - EU

В МИД ответили на слова ЕС о невозможности становления России «сверхдержавой»

CIA/MOSSAD's Al-Nusra Still Operating in Syria Despite Being Outed

A civilian injured in terrorist shelling attack on Hama countryside

US Marines Attached to Embassy Steal Woman's Back Pack

Захарова сообщила о планах подозреваемых в краже морпехов США покинуть Россию

STOP US/NATO Terror/4th REICH/5% GDP Scam

Israeli Navy Targets Palestinian Fishermen Offshore Gaza

Globalist Web/Tech/Media/Covid Related

Canadian ER Doctor Blows the Whistle on Covid Propaganda and Lies

Apartheid ZIOUSA News Censored by MOCKINGBIRD

Faucism is Washington’s New Religion

Video: Mexican Cartel Fires Upon U.S. National Guard With Machine Guns From Across Border

Iron Dome Funding: Don’t Be Deceived � US Aid to Israel Is Not About Saving Lives

U.S. Supreme Court Concurs: Trouble Understanding Cops is ‘Resistance,’ Justifies Excessive Force

Before Testifying On Fellow Officers Covering Up a Murder as a Suicide, Officer ‘Dies of Suicide’

US Police Kill Not 100 People a Month but 200 or More

Shocking Study Finds Over Half of Those Killed by Police Have Never Been Counted

10-07-2021 THURSDAY

NEW Сегодня день рождения президента

Владимира Путина. С Днем Рождения, господин Президент!

New Drone Videos on JAR2.ORG -

Murmansk, Russia - Eternal Flame Monument

Teriberka, Russia (Teaser)

Proliv, Russia

Yaisk, Russia

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Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2021

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2020

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2019

Congratulations to Abdulrashid Sadulayev on winning the 2021 World Wrestling Championship

Поздравление Абдулрашиду Садулаеву с победой на чемпионате мира по спортивной борьбе 2021 года

Censored World News Under Global Tech Fascism

The Police State’s Reign of Terror Continues … With Help from the Supreme Court

STOP US/NATO Terror/4th REICH/5% GDP Scam

US Marine Special Ops Forces Have Been In Taiwan For Over A Year, Report Confirms

Syrian FM: ‘US Presence in Syria is Illegal and They Need to Leave As Soon As Possible’

Globalist Web/Tech/Media/Covid Related

“Keyword Warrants” – Feds Secretly Ordered Google To Identify Anyone Searching Certain Information

VERITAS: Pfizer Scientists Admit Natural Antibodies Beat COVID-19 Vaccine, Call Company ‘Evil’

Twitter allegedly handed over data to DARPA

Government secretly orders Google to track anyone searching certain names, addresses, and phone numbers

Twitter Support Gates' Eugenics and We Are on the List

Apartheid ZIOUSA News Censored by MOCKINGBIRD

‘Fact-checkers’ Rush to Defend Bill Gates Disturbing ‘Vaccine Depopulation’ Statement

10-05-2021 TUESDAY

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Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2021

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2020

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2019

Greetings on World Congress of School History Teachers opening

Поздравление Фумио Кисиде по случаю избрания на пост Премьер-министра Японии

Censored World News Under Global Tech Fascism

Прифронтовой посёлок ДНР на грани гуманитарной катастрофы

10/1/21 Will the United States Officially Acknowledge That It Had a Secret Torture Site in Poland?

When Will the US Acknowledge its Secret Torture Site in Poland?

When Will the US Acknowledge its Secret Torture Site in Poland?

Hundreds Demonstrate against Jewish Settler Violence in South Hebron Hills

STOP US/NATO Terror/4th REICH/5% GDP Scam

Deployment of EU military training mission to Ukraine provokes questions - lawmaker

Globalist Web/Tech/Media/Covid Related

‘I Work for an Evil Corporation’: Pfizer Scientists Reportedly Claim Natural Immunity is ‘Better than Vax’

Pfizer Scientist Admits: ‘Your Antibodies are Probably BETTER Than the Vaccination’

Database of 1.5 billion Facebook users listed for sale on DarkNet - Privacy Affairs

Stating the Obvious

Apartheid ZIOUSA News Censored by MOCKINGBIRD

DOD Docs Prove COVID Vaxx Not Safe or Effective

FAKE NEWS: Facebook domain up for sale amid massive outage

Facebook domain up for sale amid massive outage

Narcotics Officers Arrested for Trafficking Enough Fentanyl to Kill 4 Milion People

BREAKING: 92 State Legislators Sign Letter Demanding 50-State Election Audit, Decertification

10-01-2021 FRIDAY

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Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2021

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2020

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2019

Greetings on opening of 11th Asia-Pacific Legal Foru

Поздравление Президенту Абхазии Аслану Бжании по случаю Дня победы и независимости

Censored World News Under Global Tech Fascism

Syria calls for ending the Israeli occupation of Syrian Golan

‘Normalization’: Betrayal of Palestine by Arab Regimes No Easy Road

Hamas Reveals Israeli, Regional Scheme to Tighten Siege on Gaza

Mikhail Saakashvili’s sentences in Georgia not to be appealed — prosecution

ФСБ намерена объявить в розыск главреда The Insider* - Russia News Review

ТАСС: Сачков может быть связан с делом осужденных за госизмену офицеров ФСБ

Московский суд арестовал бывшего директора НИИ ФСИН

В Черногории задержан бывший владелец Черкизовского рынка Тельман Исмаилов

Глава ДНР подписал указ о призыве на военную службу

Canada Joins USA and UK in Military Psyops Against Own Citizens

Canada’s Military Admit Using Pandemic to Launch War Theater Propaganda Against Citizens

Over 5,000 Doctors and Scientists Sign Declaration Against COVID Policy ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

Israeli Army Continues Killing Civilians, Non-Stop Genocide

Israeli forces shoots dead Palestinian bird hunter east Gaza border

Israeli Occupation Forces Kill Palestinian Youth, Injure Two Others near Jenin

Israeli troops kill young Palestinian man in nighttime West Bank raids

Israeli police kills Palestinian woman in Jerusalem

Jordan protests Israeli violations of the status quo at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Саакашвили задержали в Грузии

CIA Planned Terrorist Attacks ala the Ukraine - in Belarus

Extremists preparing attacks in Belarus were in contact with US intelligence — Lukashenko

New report exposes billions in European financial support to companies in illegal Israeli settlements

Ex-President Mikhail Saakashvili detained in Georgia — Prime Minister

Russian Justice Ministry lists two Scientology organizations, ENEMO as undesirable

NEW 10-01-2021 OPCW:


Files/OPCW/NOVICHOK/NAVALNY/c25crp01 ec9403(e).pdf



STOP US/NATO Terror/4th REICH/5% GDP Scam

UK Military Wants to Spy on Social Media to Detect “Change in Population Sentiment”

Globalist Web/Tech/Media/Covid Related

YouTube Removes Ron Paul Page From Website, Cites “Repeated violations of Community Guidelines”

Apartheid ZIOUSA News Censored by MOCKINGBIRD

California Becomes First State To Require Students Be Vaccinated To Attend School

WATCH: Teen Left Brain-Dead After Cop Shot Her in the Head Over a Fight at School

COVID-19 Detention Camps: Are Government Round-Ups of Resistors in Our Future?

09-30-2021 THURSDAY

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Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2021

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2020

Kremlin News Archive Weekly Bulletins for 2019

Greetings to Russian Union of Veterans

Телефонный разговор с Сильвио Берлускони

Censored World News Under Global Tech Fascism

Editor of the Insider Charged With Illegally Crossing Border - FSB

ФСБ утвердила перечень запрещенных к передаче за границу сведений

Преподавателя РАНХиГС арестовали по делу против экс-замглавы Минпросвещения

В Москве задержали сотрудника управления госзащиты МВД

ФСБ утвердила данные, за сбор которых могут признать иноагентом

В Москве суд арестовал управляющего "Сбербанка"

Another Multi-National FVEY Spy Caught in Russia (Interpol OSCE)

Ilya Sachkov handed over classified cybersecurity data to foreign intelligence — source

Genocide is Genocide: UK/USA/Zionist Genocide Finally "Admitted"

Kamala Harris Under Fire For Nodding In Affirmation As Student Accuses Israel Of "Ethnic Genocide"

UKC News: ‘A Global Police State is Emerging’

От пули снайпера погиб защитник ЛНР

ФБК была ликвидирована по закону:

"О противодействии экстремистской деятельности"

Минюст исключил ФБК из реестра иностранных агентов

Israeli Soldiers Harass, Detain Palestinian Schoolchildren near Nablus

Russia, Mexico ink agreement on peaceful space cooperation

Russia 6-7 years ahead of entire world in development of nuclear space energy — Putin

STOP US/NATO Terror/4th REICH/5% GDP Scam

Russia insists on inadmissibility of US military presence in Central Asia — diplomat

В США не поверили в российскую «Армату»

Remembering the Crime of War

Kremlin concerned Ukraine could use Turkish weapons ‘against its own citizens’ in Donbass

Libyan military hopes for pullout of foreign forces by end of October — source

Globalist Web/Tech/Media/Covid Related

Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?

Peer-Reviewed Study: ‘COVID Shot More Likely to Kill Children Than Virus’

"Declaration Of Media War": Russia Threatens Total Ban On YouTube After Major Channels Deleted

Michigan Couple Dies Of COVID Within Minutes Of Each Other Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

How the Media Brainwashes You

John Stossel Files Damning Lawsuit Against Facebook for Defamation Over Bogus ‘Fact-Checking’

uTube Purges & Bans ALL Anti-Vax Content in Unprecedented Censorship Campaign

UK Government Report: Vast Majority of Delta Variant Deaths Are VACCINATED People, NOT Unvaccinated People

YouTube Bans All Anti-Vaxx Activists & Anti-Vaxx Content

Apartheid ZIOUSA News Censored by MOCKINGBIRD

Cop Responds to Child Who Attempted Suicide—By Raping the Child

New Video: ‘FBI Busts FBI Terror Plot’

BREAKING: Arizona Attorney General Files First Letter of Criminal Indictment in Arizona Election Fraud Case

NEW JAR From 8-23 to 9-14 We Had a Vacation

09-14 to  09-21 Wrote a Report and Rebuilt a Drone

09-14-2021 TUESDAY

NEW We Had to Cut Trip Short After Physical Hack

JAR2 is back on-line. See BLOG

09-07-2021 TUESDAY

NEW We Are Leaving on Another Long Expedition

New Expeditions Page for Our Trips and Travels

09-03-2021 FRIDAY

NEW We Are Back from Another Long Expedition

New Expeditions Page for Our Trips and Travels

The US Embassy's Scummy Little Agents Keep "Watching" Us


White House Burns Burns and More ))) - LULZ - So you can read?

07-23-21 NSA Cyber Command Site Info 


07-09-21 Files/Videos/Docs/Dumps

06-22-21 Google + USAID = Coronavirus

REVEALED: Google & USAID Funded Wuhan Collaborator Peter Daszak's Virus Experiments For Over A Decade

Files/CORONAVIRUS/Google/Evidence-for-henipavirus-spillover-into-human-populations-in-Africa.pdf Files/CORONAVIRUS/Google/Lee-etal_Macacine-Herpesvirus_2015.pdf


06-18-2021- Liberalism & Asylum in Russia

Asylum in Russia

06-18-2021- Russia Report 8

Russia Report 8: On Presidents, Puppets, Asylees, the CIA, MOCKINGBIRD and the Return of a Sovereign Russia

Significant Updates to CIA Fronts Page

The Hidden Secrets of Water

Forced inoculation violates established medical standards governing experimentation on human subjects. - Nuremburg Code

Нюрнбергский кодекс раскрывает преступления Гейтса и Фаучи Принудительная вакцинация нарушает установленные медицинские стандарты, регулирующие эксперименты над людьми.
Nuremberg Code Exposes The Crimes Of Gates And Fauci

Report: Police Forcibly Vaxxed African Americans in Georgia

Quebec Becomes First Canadian Province To Introduce Vaccine Passports

Elon Musk Neuralink Rival Cleared by FDA to Test Brain Chip in Humans

Australia Has Fallen

Shock Experiment: Americans Sign Petition to ARREST and JAIL Unvaccinated

Mass Murdering NY Gov. Announces Criminal Plan to Force Covid-19 Injections

Thousands of Pakistanis Line Up for Vaccine After Gov’t Shuts Down Cell Service for Unvaccinated

These US cities, government agencies haveimplemented COVID-19 vaccine mandates

На Камчатке ввели обязательную вакцинацию от COVID-19 для части граждан

Italians Hit the Streets to Protest Mandatory Vaccine Passports

Forced Vaccinations in France Bring Both Repression and Protest

Caught! CDC Deletes Thousands Of COVID Vaccine Deaths

Spain’s Top Court Rules That COVID Measures Are Unconstitutional

911/ASTEROIDS Chief Architect and Inter-Agency Liason Dead

‘Merciless War Criminal’ and Ex-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Dead at 88


Full News Page

Real Daily News

Mission: All of the JAR2 sites are charity projects and not funded by any body, person or entity. Our mission is to bring banned and silenced truth to the masses by curation, leaks, releases, articles and the publishing of evidence and documents showing violations of international law, war crimes, crimes against humanity and at the core exposing the state sponsored terrorist attacks of 911 by the terrorists of the New World Order. We attempt to expose the lies against Russia and the Russian World and bring you truth that those in the West find inconvenient about Russia. We exist only for the truth and operate only through very small donations and gifts from our readers. We fight for peace and the sovereignty of nations and oppressed peoples around the world and are against the New World Order and the attempt by NATO to take over the world and force nations into their GDP protection racket..


If you notice an inaccuracy, mistake or have inside information on any subject or story we cover please write to submissions. Our mission: to uncover the truth and expose the NWO!!


Thank you..


RoblesTiny We Stopped the TPP

06-30-2021 Liberalism & Asylum in Russia

Asylum in Russia

06-19-2021- Russia Report 8: On Presidents, Puppets, Asylees, the CIA, MOCKINGBIRD and the Return of a Sovereign Russia

Russia Report 8: On Presidents, Puppets, Asylees, the CIA, MOCKINGBIRD and the Return of a Sovereign Russia

04-06-2021 Quantum Destabilization

CIA Character Assassination Operations in Full Swing Against Putin

"Russian" Propaganda Today: Reduces President to a Street Thug

Russian Media Seven Years Ago: We Helped Reunify Crimea

Crimean Reunification: Part of the Hidden History of the VOR

Crimean Reunification: Part of the Hidden History

03-16-2021 The Cabal: What’s Really Going On

The Cabal: What's Really Going On...

02-09-2021 John Robles Specifically Targetted and

 Deleted From WikiPedia for Racial and Pro-Russian Reasons

John Robles Deleted From WikiPedia

01-21-2021 Interfax Feed Killed by MiM Block

01-19-2021 Post Trump - Pre-Biden Analysis

Post Trump Analysis Expose: Big Tech as a Dangerous New "State"

You can now comment on our work through TEMPORAL

01-01-2021 FRIDAY 10/21/2021 08:14 +0300

VIDEO25  WikiPedia is a CIA Front and a Trojan Horse


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Update: I understand now.... I have been cancelled... The new style of pendosti censorship... I am a native American, I hate NATO and the USA, I support Russia, Putin, Palestine and the Orthodox Church and am against the NWO, LGBT and CIA.... So they cancelled me.... Oh and I am an American Indian who does not exist.

VIDEO25 Biden and the Satanic Globalists on Steroids


VIDEO25 One Year Ago I Warned Russians About Genocide


VIDEO25 Message for the RATS at WIKILEKAS 4 teh LULZ


12-16 Sanctions, Russia and the New World Order

Sanctions, Russia and the New World Order

12-15-20 The Corporation and WWIII

12-14-20 New Article from JAR2

Russia and the Phony Human Rights Defenders

Russia and the Phony Human Rights Defenders

12-11-20 New Article from JAR2

The End is Near: Causality and the Destruction of Timelines

The End is Near, for Whom the Bell Tolls

Complaint Against the CIA and USA Government



09-11-2020 DICHOTOMY Russia Report 7th Edition



In January We Posted the Statement Below. Today Lukashenko

07-26/28-21 FSB Site Down - We Continue to Monitor - No News

07-13-2021 Meet CIA Assassination Front CTU Security and CIA

Venezuelan Agent Antonio Enmanuel Intriago Valera

Former Canadian Embassy Worker Arrested In Haiti Assassination Worked For Shadowy Security Firm

Haiti Arrests ‘Florida Doctor’ as Alleged Mastermind in President’s Murder

West turns blind eye to US private military firm’s hand in Haiti assassination — diplomat

MSM Obfuscating for CIA as Usual - New Assassination Inc Front

Suspected Assassins of Haitian President Moïse Trained by US, Linked to Pro-Coup Oligarchy

NEW 06-22-21 Google + USAID = Coronavirus

REVEALED: Google & USAID Funded Wuhan Collaborator Peter Daszak's Virus Experiments For Over A Decade

Files/CORONAVIRUS/Google/Evidence-for-henipavirus-spillover-into-human-populations-in-Africa.pdf Files/CORONAVIRUS/Google/Lee-etal_Macacine-Herpesvirus_2015.pdf


NEW 06-10-21 Yandex Blocks Russian UN File

On CIA/NATO Government Overthrow of the Ukraine 



FBI Report Supports the Reults of My Investigation: ASTEROIDS Hit



NEW 05-07-21 FSB Releases Secret KGB Docs



NEW 05-08-2021 Remember Those Chemtrails?

Evidence for Tribunal - CORONAVIRUS WORDLWIDE

NEW 04-30-21 Linux Security Tools 4 teh LULZ

04-20-21 Anti-Gravitational Patent 5280864


04-16-21 Case Against Corona Panic


04-06-21 Maxwell Superceding Indictment

Ghislaine Maxwell Superceding Indictment

A Sends - Banksters Enslave Ireland


02-25-2021 THURSDAY

CIA Color Revolution Specialist McFaul and CIA Agent Freedom

Former US Ambassador Claims He Never Met Navalny but Unearthed Photo Shows Otherwise

02-06-2021 SATURDAY

VIDEO25 Gelatin


02-04-2021 THURSDAY


DOMINION-Failed Texas Forensic

Examination of Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite 5.5.A


02-03-20211 WEDNESDAY

Latest 02-03 (01-27-21) Guiffre VS Maxwell


02-01-20211 WEDNESDAY

02-01-2021 FSB Surveillance Video

FBK Director Vladimir Ashurkov and MI6 Officer James William

Thomas Ford Discussing Millions in Financing in 2012 - FSB Video

02-01-2021 MONDAY

Maidan Tactic Employed in USA by Pentagon  

Fitness OSINT Spying


Solarwinds Spying Court Procedures


Rationalizing Big Tech Coup


01-30-2021 SATURDAY

American Indian Music


01-16-2021 SATURDAY

Pedo Joe Inauguration Threat Assessment


Last Ditch Kushner Billion Dollar Real Estate Scam


12-29-2020 TUESDAYY

VIDEO25 Bellingcat/CIA/MI6/Navalny

Navalny poisoning CIA, MI6, discredited state funded Bellingcat play key role in accusing Russia.mp4

12-29-2020 TUESDAYY

VIDEO25 WHO No Evidence on Vaccines Videos/WHO_Dr._Soumya_Swaminathan_No_Evidence_Vaccines_Prevent_COVID.mp4

12-28-2020 MONDAYY

12-28-20200Mousetrap by Linda

We Are Seeking New Leaks and New Files... If you like Onions)))



12-22-2020 TUESDAYY

12-23-2020 Combating the Glorification of Nazism - UN Resolution by the Russian Federation





And the USA and Ukraine Voted NO

12-23-2020 Election in Pence's Hands

Will He Go Against the Globalist Cabal and the NWO Usurpers?

12-22-2020 TUESDAY

12-17-20 "Dr" Biden's "Dissertashun"


12-17-20 Journalism is Not Redaction

Assange Ratting Out Hackers/Sites/Everyone to State Department


12-15-20 IVERMECTIN STOPS Covid-19


“I CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS!”: Doctor pleads for review of data during COVID-19 (Video)


English English_Teaching_and_Learning_Resources
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04.24.2020 USA Sentate Russia Hysteria Tripe


04.20.2020 Morgensen et.Al. 2017

Files/MILITARY/US_BIOLOGICAL/Morgensen et al 2017.pdf

04.19.2020 Biological Warfare, Bioterrorism and Bio-crime

Biological Warfare, Bioterrorism and Biocrime

04.15.2020 Lawsuit Filed Against New World Order Cabal, Globalist VIPs, Google et al

for Genocide, Crimes against Humanity, War Crimes, etc.


04.14.2020 Kiev Human/Animal Radio Wave Experiments

04.04.2020 Moscow Region Lock-Down Supplement


04.01.2020 Event 201 - Pandemic Plans






03.31.2020 US White House Pandemic Playbook


03.30.20200 Crimson Contagion: USA Pandemic Response


03.26.2020 Russia's Security and Maintaining of Order Act


03.24.2020 2015 US Research Finally Wakes Up Russia

SARS-Like Cluster of Circulating Bat Coronaviruses and Human Emergence


03.23.20200 The OMAN Leak - RAK MIX LLC (Structural Integrity)



03.18.2020 Australian SAS Afghan War Crimes Video

03.13.2020 CIA CYBER Pandemic Virus SECRET//NOFORN


03.13.2020 CIA/MOSSAD Terrorists Murdered 426 Children

The Syrian Chemical Attack Was a Heinous MOSSAD Operation

OPCW is Guilty of Covering Up USA/Israel War Crimes - Whistleblower

Aaron Mate at the Grayzone Does the "Exclusive" Write Up

Coronavirus a Tool for the NeoCon/Israeli 9/11 Planners

According to the Israeli/NeoCon PNAC and their blueprint for global domination titled Rebuilding America’s Defenses, biological warfare and in particular race targetting biological weapons would become nothing more than useful tools. “And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” – 2000

02.19.2020 President Putin Relieves Surkov of Duties


02.13.2020 UN Database of Illegal Israeli Businesses











02.10.2020 Israeli War Crimes Judgement 2013


02.06.2020 Anonymous Biologists Send Coronavirus Research

#Coronavirus Research: Total: 5,373 Research Papers - 5.97 Gbs - 6,414,258,239 bytes Many of these files are behind paywalls and not in the public domain.

Sources are also blocked in many countries that need this information. Follow Link

02.04.2020 Anonymous Biologists Send Coronavirus USA and EU Patents, EU Patent Specs, HIV/CORONAVIRUS Similarities



Here’s the official United States Patent for the Coronavirus—Patent No.: US 7,220,852 B1


Biologists from India Tie Corona to HIV - Article Withdrawn: Uncanny Similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag


02.02.2020 Brennan Voices Assassinating FSB and SVR Directors\Video\CIA\Brennan_Murder_Incorporated.mp4

02.02.2020 FSB Shuts Down Protonmail UKRO Seeks Anonymizer

Ukrainian Anonymizer Request

The Online Bomb Hoaxes Against Russia Are Clear Cases of Cyber Terrorism

02.01.2020 FBI E-Mails: Clinton Assassinated Seth Rich, It  was NOT a Hack, Guccifer 2.0

 Was an FBI Source, Yes Seth Rich is Dead -  JAR2 Right Again


01.27.2020 The Terrorists of Baghdad Airport

01.22.2020 CIA Asset Glenn Greenwald Indictment LULZ


01.19.2020 January 15th Order Firing Government


119 - 911: Another Re-Visitation 2020

15 years later: on the physics of high-rise building collapses

01.17.2020 USA Military Cyber Infrastructure to Attack in War



01.17.2020 Steele's Present: FBI Outs MI6 and Russian Assets


01.15.2020 NSA Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center


01.10.2020 Boeing E-Mails "737 Designed by Clowns"




01.02.2020 Re-Release 2014 Ukrainian Military E-Mails


 12.31.2019 CIA/George Soros/Michael McFaul/NATO/Ukraine It took someone 4 years to

finally wake up. Let's end this now.

Files/Ukraine/Soros_Ukraine_March_non-paper _2015_v14.pdf


 12.05.2019 CIA Front WikiLeaks Exposed by Maidan

 12.05.2019 CIA Front NED Exposed by Hong Kong Protests


  12.04 CIA Using Azov Nazis in Hong Kong: Meet Sir Gay Filimonov

 12.03.2019 Eyes Only UK/US Trade/Investment Rape


 12.03.2019 Clinton State Department Ukraine Nazi Files


 12.03.2019 Cayman National Bank Hack 2.05 TB


 11.28.2019 Allen Dulles, the CIA and the Nazi Internationale


 11.26.2019 OPCW Syria Chemical Weapons Fakery


 11.18.2019 Clemson/CIA/Narcotics/Crimean/Linkage



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Nulands Nazis and the Destruction of Ukraine First Edition

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Yaisk, Rostov, Azov, Novaya Shakhtinsk, The Sea of Azov

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Murmansk Expedition - Photo Gallery Number One Published

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Video near Lovozero

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Mount Aikuaivenchorr 1,075 meters

Mount Aikuaivenchorr

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New Expeditions Page on JAR2 - The Jackals Are Circling

New Expeditions Page on JAR2

New Expedition: Into the Polar Zone and Beyond

New Expedition: Beyond the Arctic Circle

April 14, 2020 Abandonded ABM Site Re-Visited (Published 082021)

April 14, 2020 Abandonded ABM Site Re-Visited

New Video: Eternal Flame Monument

Crimean Bridge Film Making Expedition Photo Gallery +

Criean Bridge Photo Gallery Published in August 2021

Crimean Bridge Film Making Expedition Photo Gallery

Ильинское, калужская область, малоярославецкий район

Ильинское, калужская область, малоярославецкий район

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JAR2 Expeditions

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VIDEO25 Documentary Film from JAR2: The Crimean Bridge

NOTE: The Crimean Bridge and the Historic Creation of a Reunifying Terra Link. An Open Road and Unlimited Possibilities for the Future. We Have Completed Our 18th Crimean Expedition. In the film you will find history, facts and more. Low Resolution Release - Full HD Broadcast Quality Copy Available 25 Gbs The Full Span of the Crimean Bridge in Super HD Filmed from Outside of Vehicle. Free Download - Super HD Version Available to Supporters and Media. 

A Film By JAR2 - Release Date December 22, 2019

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VIDEO25 New Video on Moscow Protests

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02.28.2020 Operation RUBICON-THESARUS: CIA/NSA/BND/Swiss

Op Snow Den and Omidyar: the Mass Murderer of Donbass

 10.10.19 Nuland's Nazis feeling the Steele of their trap - Ivona et al

09.28.19 NSA Goes from FVEY (5 Eyes) to 14 EYES (YanDecks)

09.19.19 The Russia Report 5th Edition - Trump Dossier

Fusion GPS/MI6/MOSSAD/CIA/NSA Applebaum/Steele Completely Exposed

A Deep State Asset Describes How a Burned MI6 Agent Tried to Get Even With Russia

Exposing the CIA/MI6 5th Column in Russia: Navalny/Kisilev et al

Exposing Nuclear/Biological Genocide Projects Against Russia


Exposing Secret US/UK Military Installations

WORLDWIDE_US_Military_Installations          SECRET_UK_MILITARY_SPY_LOCATIONS          UK_Secret_Bases_Docs

GRU Indictment a Fake WikiLeaks/DNC/ASIS/CIA/Cabal Exposed



CIA Cambridge Analytica Global Election Meddling Exposed

New NSA/MOSSAD Cyber Operations and Infrastructure Exposed

AS53667/PONYNET, Level(3) LLC, CenturyLink uCommand and More

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